What is Included?

  • Multiple dive sites per day
  • Whether you are on a trip to the Dry Tortugas or a trip to the Middle Grounds, you will typically get to dive 4-6 dives per day.  Safe diving rules apply.  The dives in the Dry Tortugas average 40-80 feet whereas in the Middle Grounds, the dives can be deeper.
    • On the Dry Tortugas dive trip, we can stop to visit Fort Jefferson National Park ($10 entrance fee).
    • On the way back from the Dry Tortugas, we can dive the Baja California and various Airforce relay towers.
  • Trip includes all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), snacks, and beverages, (coffee, tea, lemonade, Gatorade, and water).  You can bring soda and alcohol on board; however, safe diving rules apply.
  • Trip includes lodging on The Ultimate Getaway.  Bedding for your bunk (sheets, pillow & blanket).
  • Dive tanks and weights provided.