2013 Wreck & Goliath Grouper Photo Trip

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Nov 12

If you are a fan of seeing wrecks and Goliath grouper, we have a great trip planned for you in 2013.    This photography trip departs the evening of Sept 5th and returns Sunday afternoon September 8th.  Our plan is to spend one day diving the wreck of the Baja California, one day diving the Fantastico,  and then dive the USS Mohawk Sunday morning before heading back to Fort Myers in the afternoon.

Our hope is to encounter the annual Goliath grouper spawning aggregations which are known to peak in September.  The peak dates of these aggregations is typically at the time of the September new moon until a few days after.  The new moon for September 2013 occurs the night of Sept 5th, which is the night we depart.   Thus, although we can’t guarantee nature will deliver us hundreds of Goliath, we have picked the best possible dates in September to encounter these Goliath aggregations.   We expect to see the most on the Baja California and Fantastico as they are well established sites with a history of harboring these massive fish.

This is a sight seeing and photography trip.  It is not a hunting trip.  Divers must have a minimum of advanced open water certification as these wrecks rest in water 86 to 115 feet deep.   Nitrox certification is also highly encouraged to get the most out of this trip.    Trip cost is $800.

  • Baja California

While transporting cargo from New Orleans to Key West in July of 1942, this 265 foot freighter was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-84.  Three of her crew members were killed in the incident.  A true casualty of WWII, the Baja California’s main wreckage now rests in 114 feet of water and comes to within 92 feet of the surface.  This wreck is great for artifact hunters and is often frequented by massive schools of bait and Goliath grouper.

  • Fantastico

This 200 foot Honduran freighter Fantastico sunk in March 1993 as a result of the “Storm of the Century”. Of the ten-man crew, only three were saved. The freighter now lies in 115 feet of water on her starboard side. Her mast, rudder, propeller, and rigging are still in place but the midship cargo areas have collapsed. The wreck is home to abundant fish life and many large Goliath grouper.

  • USS Mohawk

The 165 foot Mohawk was a USCG Cutter converted to war service during WWII.   The Mohawk was sunk as a veteran’s memorial reef on July 2, 2012.   The Mohawk sits perfectly upright in 87 feet of water with its crow’s nest reaching within 35 feet from the surface.   The wreck is easily penetrated since it was prepped for scuba divers prior to sinking.  This Mohawk has already attracted significant marine life, including some resident Goliath grouper as can be seen here on MohawkWreck.com.

To inquire or book,  contact Ultimate Getaway at 866-474-2069, or send us an email from the contact page.

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  1. Guy Harrison writes:

    How many dives per day are planned for these trips. Also, are there any night dives planned to attempt to see the actual spawning event? We have done night dives off of Palm Beach in 95′ on the Zion several times during goliath season so we are experienced at it.



    Jun 13
  2. Hi Guy,

    This is Brian chiming in while Capt Rick is out. Regarding the number of dives, divers dive within the safe limits of their own computers and planning throughout the day while we are ‘parked’ on a site. Some folks will be diving open circuit and some will be on rebreathers. Night dives are possible if weather and water conditions (i.e. waves, wind, and currents) allow them to be done safely. You can ask more question directly to Capt Rick using the contact form on this site. I’ve been out on this boat about 40 times over the last 13 years, so if you want to pick my brain, feel free to contact me through my contact form on subsurfacemedia.com – Brian D.

    Jun 13

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