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Mar 10

We’re excited about our new website! Not only do we now have a blog, but we’ll have photo contests and a complete online store very soon. Feel free to tell us what you think of our new website.

See you on your next trip aboard the Ultimate Getaway.

3 Responses

  1. Joe Robinson writes:

    Awesome web site. Will you be handing out warm terry cloth bath robes after easch dive?

    Mar 10
  2. cyril & kelly writes:

    took 4 trips in 2010, looking forward to march 2011, great time and great getaway, fantastic crew from the book keeper to the cook, wonderful web site, see you all in march, thanks for 2010 .

    Dec 10
  3. Robert Checkai writes:

    I would appreciate it if Ultimate Adv. Co. move my dive reservation up one
    week to June 19 – 23 dive to the Van den Burg & Tortuga trip. It
    adds one more day to the trip and will work better for me.

    I have the $100 deposit for the following week (Photo Dive Trip June 27-30th . and would rather transfer the deposit to do the previous week Dive.

    I wold most appreciate it i Ultimate Adv. Co. can to move my dive reservation up one
    week to June 19- 23 dive Please confirm the change in my dive dates.


    Robert Checkai

    Cell 262-442-2634

    Apr 13

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